Ways to make your house more vivid and colorful

You can renew your house by adding more color and lighting for your house. In order to make your house more exciting and attractive, you can find ways to add more light and color for it. The following could be simple and easy ways to make your house a big attraction but still keep its style that you can refer to during the process.

1, Supplement with the wall paper

A brand new and colorful wall paper can help you to change the feeling and looking of the whole space for your house. And especially with the vivid feature of the wall paper, you can change your house easily with spending much time to collect the waste after finishing compared to the way that you will re-paint your house.

2, Make the door more colorful and attractive

If you want your house or your room to be more colorful the first thing you have to change is the color of the door. You can re-paint the door with stronger color or you can mix 2 colors for the door. This will help to make the door clearer and of course more colorful. And this way is very useful and suitable with the space of the children.

3, Change the bookshelf

You can use the wall paper or the paint to re-paint and redecorate the inside of your bookshelf to make the room more vivid. But you should not paint the whole space inside just pain some corners or some places, you can draw different color paint lines. Here, you have to make use of your creativeness to mix and match colors to make your bookshelf better and better.

You can change the bookshelf by changing the books in the shelf. You can decorate more colorful collection of books. Choose different sizes of book to decorate can help to make the book shelf more vivid and alive. With a fresh bookshelf the house can become brighter.

4, Use a big piece or area of vignette as the great impression

Another way to add more colors for your house is you can hang a piece of cloth embroidered with special and colorful vignette over the head of the bed in the bed room or near the window. The sun light can together with the special color of the carpet can give your house unexpected side effect. You can hang it in the living room or in the working room. It is up to your choice. But you must care about the size of the item to make sure that it will be in line with the rest furniture.

5, Hang more colorful paintings and pictures

Paintings and pictures seem to be the easiest way to add more color for your house. You can choose any paintings with the main tone color that you are fond of or you just choose a simple one which can give you the comfortable feeling when looking at them.

Tips to remove the mould

The long rainy season can make the house wet which can be the condition for the mould to develop quickly. Mould can be very harmful to your health. The below hints can help you to remove the mould effectively and protect the health of all family members.

 Preventing the mould to develop in the house

– You have to make all the things and items in house dry quickly otherwise the mould can develop in around 2 days. You have to clean every place and throw away any unused items and take the dry things into the house.

– Kitchen is the favorite place for the mould. Therefore, you need to clean, deodorize and make the surface of the basin and floor dry after using. Do not let the water drop into the floor which can create favorable condition for the mould to develop in the line and holes of the floor.

– The bathroom is the place of high humidity. If there is a window, you should open the window so the atmosphere can be open and fresh. After taking a bath, you should turn on the windy fan to make the bathroom drier more quickly so mould can not have good chance to develop.

– You have to check carefully the water pipe system in house, repair all the holes and replace the old water pipes to avoid water to come over which can make the house wet and mould.

– Wet clothes can be a place for mould, hang the clothes outside and make it as dry as possible. When they are dry, sort it out and place in the wardrobe.

– You have to make sure that the air can go in and out of the house, sometimes you should move the tables or chairs which are being placed closely to the wall outside. You can open the door leaf of the wardrobe a little bit. If there is sunlight you can open the door to make the light going into the house which can be one of way of removing the mould.

– An air conditioner can be another place for mould. You have to clean the air conditioner frequently. Water drop from the air conditioner to the floor can make the door wet and can cause mould. You should change the filtering device of the air conditioner one a year.

Removing mould and bad smell

There are many simple and easy to find ingredient which can help you to remove the mould, bacteria and smell such as vinegar, green tea oil, detergent or soap liquid.

– Soap liquid: you just need to mix the soap liquid with normal water, use a piece of sea weed to scrub the surface. After that, you re-clean and make it dry by a dry and soft piece of cloth.

– Vinegar: it is a natural ingredient which can be very helpful in removing the mould which sticks for a long time. It is the simple way and can apply for many places in the house. Mix the water with vinegar with the equal amount and then pour it into the sprayer; when you need to clean the floor of the kitchen, bathroom you just need to spray into the surface then you clean again. Using vinegar to clean the floor is the best way to clean and deodorize.

For the places which are difficult to clean such as the corners, backlashes in the lavabo, basin or where a lot of dirt and rust sticking to the surface, you just need to spray the vinegar then leave it for several hours or overnight. Vinegar will help to remove the dirt away and kill all the bacteria and mould.

– You can mix baking soda with vinegar to make it a strong liquid then scrub to the surface of being mould.

– Detergent: detergent liquid can be used to remove mould in the surface of hard things and items. Mix half of the cup of detergent in 2 liter of water, pour into the sprayer. You spray into the surface for 10-15 minutes then scrubbing by a soft brush. You after that can re-clean with a dry piece of cloth. You are not allowed to mix detergent with vinegar.

– Green tea oil: you can mix a spoon of green tea oil with 2 cups of water into the sprayer. The mixture of green tea oil can help to remove the mould in the table, chair and clothes very effectively.

– Fruit extract and palm extract oil can be very helpful in removing the mould while the smell of the extract oil is very comfortable. You spray several drops into mould surface, leave it and see how the mould will disappear in the surface after that.


Tips to decorate sofa pillow

With one chair or bench you can create the different outlooks. You have a soft white sofa but it looks quite simple and plain. What you only need is to change the sofa pillow you can see the difference in 30 seconds. Your sofa can be newer and more interesting. In addition, decorating house by nice and eye catching sofa pillow will be the hot trend nowadays.
Decorating a wide range of sofa pillow with different colors

You have to create the collection of sofa pillows with different styles and colors. They can make the sofa more vivid and exciting. This style is suitable for ones who love the freshness and fun in the house. You should pay attention to choosing the color in pair to create the balanced and harmonized effect of the mixture.

Decorating the sofa pillows with vignette of animal

Do you think of putting the image of your beloved animal into the surface of the sofa pillow in your living room? You can mix with different styles of sofa pillow to create the typical feeling and emotion for your sofa in the living.

Creating the harmonized feeling with the tone in tone

The soft and beautiful white of the sofa in line with the white color of the sofa pillows which can make your living room more luxurious. You can mix different types of white sofa pillows with different sizes to increase the outstanding beauty of the sofa. You can use the same style of pillows but different kinds of materials. This way of decoration can always bring the comfort which can help you to feel better and enjoyable.
Mixing with opposite pillows

You can mix with pillows with different shapes and materials. The round pillows can be very brand new which can create the difference besides the rectangle pillows. In addition, different material is also an impression.

Decorating with the harmonized and parallel pillows
You can make an impression by mixing with different colors. You can mix with the opposite colors to create new eye catching effects. This is the fastest and easiest way to mix and enjoy the color.

Putting the sofa pillows in parallel in the corners
The parallel arrangement in the corners of the sofa can create the simple bur typical characteristics and beauty. A dark color of pillow can match with a vignette sofa pillow with the same tone can be a good choice.

Tips following feing shui in house decoration

If your house or your working place is a mess, the absolutely you can find uncomfortable with your life in terms of emotional and physical life. Actually, the bad atmosphere and make you feel boring and sometimes even stressful with everything around you.

However, if you know how to sort out and make detailed plan, your living space can be opener and cooler which can make your more interesting and after that you can feel the fresh air and can achieve good and right attitude to your life.

The following are the 6 simplest principles which can help you to make your life balanced and can let your house follow properly the rules of feing shui.

1/ The messy and untidy working and living space can not make good air flow inside and outside the room. You have to limit that cleaning the house frequently, you can throw away any things that you have no longer used, especially things in the bed room and working room. You can clean all the rooms or you can ask help from someone but the house must be clean in general for all the time.

2/ If you need to redecorate or repair anything, you have to make sure that this can be repaired quickly or easily otherwise you have to throw it away in order to avoid your waste in time and effort. However, you have to pay attention to the budget so you can choose the best items but at reasonable cost.

3/ Be careful with small items which can be easy making the room to be messy for example bills, envelops and papers. You should have a separating box or basket to store those things. So you can make your space always clean and tidy. But you have to label the basket or remember where you put what otherwise you can take time to find them when needed.

4/ Using trees is the very good solution for the green living space but you should spend time to take care of the trees to make sure that they can grow properly. A tree with the round leaf is better than others. You should place a tree which has a light flavor in your house which can help you to feel relaxing in the morning and fresh in the evening. Sometimes, you can bring the trees to your garden to make it breath the air, then take it back to make sure that the leaves will be green all year long.

5/ You should not let so much wind blowing into your house because according to feing shui wind can blow your money and prosperity out and also some bad affect to your health. You can put something to prevent the wind or change the direction of the wind to the direction that you would like it to be. For example, in the window you can put some decoration items so you can create the decoration for the window but you can also affect the direction and speed of the wind, but the size of the item should be 1/10 the area of the window so it can now prevent your ability to see over the window.

6/ You should not decorate your house with too many lighting lamps which can make your eyes different to see. You should not place sharp things and items in your house also.

If you can apply the rules of feing shui mixing between the natural regulations in a right and harmonized manner you can have a very good living space.

Things you have to do to make your house clean

By doing these things you can not only make your living space more beautiful but also spend more time for entertainment at the weekend.

There is nothing more boring than cleaning your house after a week of hard work. Your house should not be stick with the image of a dirty one and the solution is quite simple compared to what you can think of. The following tips are what you should do every day to make your living space clean, well arranged and you can save a lot of time.

  1. Clean the bed every morning

This is the task that you have to do every morning and you can not deny doing that. Your bed room will look cleaner and many people think that cleaning the bed room can improve the working productivity for a day.

  1. Hang the towel after taking a bath

There is a big difference of a bath room with well hold towels and one with towels places in disordered places. Never forget to hang your towels into the hanger to make them dry again. The wet towels can be the good chance for mould to develop which can cause bad smell and will harm the skin of the owner for next time of using.

  1. Cleaning the area of the shower

Always make the areas of the bathroom wall, curtain and door clean by pouring the water to prevent the soap to stick in these places.

  1. Dish washing machine must be clean and empty

You should not put the dishes into the basin of the dish washing machine, you have to clean and put it in the shelf to make it dry. In case you do not have the dish washing machine, you should not put the dirty dishes in the basin you should clean it after finishing your meal.

  1. Use the storing basket

Not many people have time to arrange things tidily during the week. Therefore, you should buy nice storing baskets. They are not decoration items but it can be good places to hide things in any room. You should sort them out, things which are not used so often can be put the most inside.

  1. Prepare places to tore letters, bills in the house

Even it is a big bowl putting in the table in the balcony or the old box in the bedroom. You should find a fix place to store these things including all types of papers.

  1. Sort out the types of the papers

You can know how many types of papers you can have in your house, you have to divide them into groups and you have to put unimportant things in separating box or you can think of throwing it away. The fewer papers you keep, the less time you will have to spend for sorting them.

  1. Divide the task for the whole week

Instead of spending several hours of the weekend to clean the house, you should divide it day by day so you can save much time for the weekend. You can do the cleaning in every morning or in the evening after you finish dinner. Of course, the time is up to your schedule.

  1. Divide the task for the family member

Doing the housework is essential to the daily life of all family members. Each family member has to understand and bear the responsibility of making our living space cleaner. Al family member should share the housework to make the atmosphere and environment of the house better and better.